Reckless Ones and L'Assassins revive rock 'n' roll at Lee's Liquor Lounge

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Photo by Adam Degross
I think we can all agree that local modern rockabilly outfit Reckless Ones kick sufficient ass. The Minneapolis three piece has a steadfast and sincere quality bred into their sound, they look to be a hardworking bunch. They also seem to have a '50s b-film penchant for the macabre and  two surprisingly well-crafted videos that speaks to this.

Here's the video for Reckless Ones' track "Nothin" released back in July in support of their sophomore album To Set The World On Fire.

And here's their first video, shot back in 2009 complete with a Sam Raimi-esque dystopian subplot, directed by Justin Staggs. 

Reckless Ones play Friday at Lee's Liquor Lounge backed by the all-girl garage rock band L'Assassins and DJ Travis Ramin.

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