The Cloak Ox unveil new video, 'Prison'

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The time has come people. The kids from the Cloak Ox have been making a steady impact on the Twin Cities music scene since we first started losing our shit about them late last year. They've taken shape on the stage and, more recently, in the studio, and the band is getting ready to release their debut EP called Prisen at the end of the month on the local Totally Gross National Product label.

In anticipation of the new record, they've just today dropped their first video for the song "Prison":

A prog romp with sinewy guitar leads and pungent bass melodies, the track and video illustrates the urgency in the band's music and depicts lead singer Andrew Broder duking it out with roman candles in a movie theater with some weird dude in a gas mask. The clip is classic film noir kind of stuff, and was directed by Isaac Gale, who also worked on the band's promo video that we hepped you to last month.

You'll be able to hear the new EP live and in the flesh and even procure yourself a copy when the band celebrates with a release party September 30 at the Loring Theater. Tickets are available now from the Loring. The event is open to all ages, but bring your own gas mask.

The Cloak Ox, Kill the Vultures, Seawhores and Tender Meat Friday September 30, 9:30 $10 for advance tickets, $12 at the door.


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That's pretty sweet. I had doubts. I would imagine this would make a killer show.

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