Top 10 concert photos of August 2011

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It's been another big month for concert photography on the Gimme Noise blog and in City Pages -- so big, in fact, that one of our photographer's photos of the Flaming Lips ended up on the cover of the paper last week (well done, Erik Hess!). See that photo and nine other favorites from the month below, complete with links to each accompanying slideshow and concert review.





The 4onthefloor at the West Bank Music Festival
Photos by Tony Nelson | Review by Erik Thompson

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Great pics! Can't wait for the Foo Fighters this month. Is it wrong that I have a man crush on Dave Grohl? 

Brian Moen
Brian Moen

I really love this series, thanks!

Reed Fischer
Reed Fischer

There is nothing wrong with that. Nothing at all.

Reed Fischer
Reed Fischer

It's fun for me, too. With so many concerts happening it's hard to remember what happened a week ago, let alone a month ago or year ago. I think of it like our scrapbook.

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