Friends by Fire stream debut album Borneo

The Twin Cities are experiencing a bit of an '80s new wave renaissance at the moment. With Jake Rudh's popular British dance and new wave night Transmission taking up a residency on the Current's airwaves and expanding into larger and larger rooms (like the upcoming gig on Thanksgiving Eve at the Varsity), bands with similar retro bents are emerging in the local club scene. 

The Rope has gotten some attention and airplay recently for their sharp, stoic take on Joy Division's sound, and new trio Friends by Fire are starting to make waves with their dancier, slightly happier take on the Breakfast Club era of brooding, synth-heavy rock music.

Friends by Fire's debut, Borneo, is out now, and the band are already hard at work on a follow-up EP. Get acquainted with the band by streaming all of Borneo right here, exclusively on Gimme Noise:

For more on Friends by Fire, check them out on Twitter, Facebook, and Bandcamp, where they are offering up a free download of the single "Magic Johnson," and see them live on Friday, November 4 at the Hexagon Bar.

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