Celebrate Halloween country style with 10 spooky songs

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Want to celebrate this Halloween country style? Head on down to the Hexagon Bar come Monday night for the Hot Roxx Halloween Hoedown Hextravaganza.

Along with Hot Roxx compadres Jen Hughes and Macku$, I'll be spinning country tunes between cover sets by the Flying Dorito Brothers (featuring members of Night Moves covering the Flying Burrito Brothers), the Sister Magnets and Brothers Steel (featuring members of Ear Candy, Pink Mink, National Bird, Red Flags), Blackberry Brandy Boys (featuring members of ELnO and Little Man), and Amos Moses (synth Jerry Reed covers featuring one member of Heavy Deeds and, well, me, your weekly country music pal).

hot roxx halloween.jpg
Flyer by Lisa Luck

Be sure to polish up your Nudie suit and tease up your Texas-tall wig -- prizes will be awarded to the most impressive rhinestone cowboys and sweethearts of the rodeo!

Meantime, get yourself revved up for the occasion with these 10 Super Spooky Country Songs. Super spooky? If Red Sovine's recitations aren't spooky, we don't know what is.

"(It's a) Monster's Holiday" - Buck Owens

"Marie Laveau" - Bobby Bare

"Sittin' Up With the Dead" - Ray Stevens

"The Legend of Wooley Swamp" - Charlie Daniels Band

"Phantom 309" - Red Sovine

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