Picked to Click 2011: The ballots

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​As is the yearly tradition, we're publishing the ballots of all 115 of our Picked to Click voters for your perusal. 

Check out all of this year's contributors below, and thanks to all the writers, photographers, label owners, club bookers, DJs, and local music experts for weighing in on the 21st Picked to Click poll!

Sara Abdelaal, CLAPS/former station manager of KUST
1. Oaks
2. Pony Trash
3. Safewords
4. Cozy
5. Crimes

Barb Abney, Host, 89.3 The Current
1. Sims
2. Speed's the Name
3. Wugazi
4. Polica
5. Usonia 

Ed Ackerson, Susstones/Flowers Studio
1. NPC's
2. Party House
3. The Cloak Ox
4. Ghost Towns of the West
5. tie: Night Moves - Bad Spots - Polica - Fire in the Northern Firs - Dirty Dancing

Ian Anderson, Afternooon Records and Vitriol Promotions
Dearling Physique
Villa Rosa

Bethany Barberg - Local Music Assistant - The Local Show - 89.3 The Current 
1. Crimes
2. Night Moves
3. Polica
4. Howler
5. Villa Rosa

Kevin Beacham (Rhymesayers, Fifth Element, Redefinition Radio 89.3 The Current)
2)Midwest Konnect
3)The Tribe & Big Cats!
4)Audio Perm
5)Villa Rosa

Jon Behm, Revlier.org
1. Lighted
2. Miami Dolphins
3. Father You See Queen
4. Cloak Ox
5. Albert

Eric Billiet, booking, the Garage
1.   Ryan Flannery & the Night Owls
2.   3 Man Trio
3.   Brothers Loyalty
4.   Defend the Fatherless
5.   Next Week's Hero

Dan Black, Co-Owner of The Landland Center for Drawing Band Names on Things of Varying Importance
The Cloak Ox

Jen Boyles, web editor, CityPages.com
1. Gigamesh
2. Prof
3. Mayda
4. Chuck Love
5. Vaski 

Mark Brenden, A&E Editor at the Minnesota Daily
1. Night Moves
2. Rifflord
3. Umami
4. The Burglars
5. Hot Freaks

Andrew Broder, Fog and the Cloak Ox, remix artist
Bryce Beverlin Physics Lecture
Colonial Watts
Mouth Guitar Guy

Adam Bubolz, photographer/co-founder Reviler.org
1. Cloak Ox
2. Safewords
3. False
4. Blood Folke
5. Cozy

Tim Campbell, Senior A&E Editor, Star Tribune
The Cloak Ox
The 4onthefloor

Drew Christopherson (Totally Gross National Product, Polica, Solid Gold, Votel)
The Cloak Ox
Radical Cemetery
Father You See Queen
Little Dog On Top Of A Big Dog
Grandmas Boyfriend

Ben Clark, photographer
A. Wolf & Her Claws
Gramma's Boyfriend
Night Moves

Max Clark, Co-Owner UF Records
1. Nightosaur
2. Animal Magnetism
3. Hot Rash
4. Serenghetto
5. Witchden

Chris Cloud, Founder of MPLS.TV
1. Prof
2. Polica
3. Seated Heat
4. Elite Gymnastics
5. Gramma's Boyfriend

Cyn Collins - KFAI Spin with Cyn programmer, freelance booker (Palmer's, Nick & Eddie, The Ritz), author/music and arts freelance journalist. 
1. The Japhies
2. The Sex Rays
3. Poverty Hash
4. Blood'n'Stuff
5. TIE: Baby Boys/The Bad Spots

Brian Corner, Publicity Support for the Cedar Cultural Center
1. Matt Latterell
2. Becky Shaheen and the Midnight Hour
3. Miami Dolphins
4. Malamanya
5. Kazyak

Machen Davis, Marketing Coordinator at First Avenue & 7th St. Entry
Cloak Ox
Gramma's Boyfriend

Mike 2600, DJ, creative director at Burlesque of North America
1. The Cloak Ox
2. Slapping Purses
3. DJ Last Word
4. Albert
5. The Ben LaFond Band

Martin Devaney, Song guy, Eclipse Records, Amsterdam Bar and Hall, Trivia Mafia
Walker Fields
Wizards Are Real
Baby Boys
Cloak Ox
The Sheridan Fox

Pat Dougherty, musician, writer, and podcaster from the Second-Hand Opera Artist Collective
1. Fairfax, AK
2. Ghostmouth
3. Fire in the Northern Firs
4. Broken Bicycles
5. Thomas Kivi and the Immigrants

Ben Durrant - Musician, Engineer@Crazy Beast Studio
1. Cloak Ox
2. Polica
3. Food Pyramid
4. Might Moves
5. Blind Shake - Not a new band, but kicking so much ass..

Ali Elabbady Aka Egypto Knuckles, CEO/Producer; Background Noise Crew; writer, Reviler, the Mad Bloggers, and B-Sides and Bullshit
1. Mally
2. The Tribe & Big Cats!
3. Prof
4. Sims
5. Villa Rosa

Trevor Engelbrektson, Live Sound/Booking, Nomad World Pub 

Wide Eyes
Shon Troth
Sleeping in the Aviary
Flying Dorito Bros.

Eli Flasher, booking, First Avenue & 7th St. Entry
1. Umami
2. Bloodnstuff
3. 4onthefloor
4. The Cloak Ox
5. MaLLy

Rainer Fronz, Learning Curve Records C.O.O.
Animal Lover
Hot Rash
Elite Gymnastics
Gramma's Boyfriend
Cars & Trucks

Jay Gabler, Arts Editor, Twin Cities Daily Planet
1. Elite Gymnastics
2. The Arms Akimbo
3. Policia
4. Calamity and the Owl

Jeff Gage, writer, City Pages
1--Baby Boys
2--Gramma's Boyfriend
3--Dial Up
4--A. Wolf & Her Claws
5--Fur Pillows

Jonathan Garrett, Freelance writer
1. Elite Gymnastics
2. Howler

Sam Gerard, two time winner of tied for 9th in Picked to Click, TRV PVNK in Voytek
1. Cozy
2. Nightosaur
3. Robust Worlds
4. Brain Tumors
5. Safewords

Paul Gillis, Talent Manager for Ripple Entertainment, LLC
1. Night Moves
2. Howler
3. Brute Heart
4. Polica
5. Coloring Time

Craig Grossman, Founder and Agent with Green Room Music Source
Stephanie Says
The Blue Mollies 
John Maus

Sonia Grover, booker, First Avenue
1) Polica
2) The 4OnTheFloor
3) Cloak Ox
4) Votel/Villa Rosa (tie)
5) Gramma's Boyfriend

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