St. Vincent's 4AD session setting the internet ablaze today

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Photo by Tony Nelson
St. Vincent at the Walker Art Center earlier this month
It's about lunchtime, right? Well, best go get your lunch outta the fridge and come back to your desk, because you're going to want to devote 15 uninterrupted minutes to this video. For those unfamiliar with the 4AD Session series, it's one of the finest high-quality performance video series on the web right now, and gives an up-close view (closer than a front-seat view... think crouching at the performer's feet in awe) of some of the most talented indie artists performing today.

So you should probably watch this St. Vincent session as soon as possible, if only to watch Annie Clark tear apart her guitar with a sick solo at the end of "Surgeon" around the 6:50 mark. But you'll actually probably wanna watch that whole song, because she has this devilish look on her face as it builds into the solo like you have no idea what's coming, motherfuckers

Seriously, her guitar playing! It could make Prince weep.

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