Doomtree Entry show announcement--Dessa's special guests on Tuesday

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We've reached the midway point of our week dedicated to divulging Doomtree's special guests for each of their curated nights in the Entry. We've shared the opening act info for Sims' big evening he's got planned on Sunday night, and Mike Mictlan's lengthy list of friends dropping by for his show Monday night. Now we finally get to see what Dessa has in store for all of us on Tuesday, December 6th. This should be a wonderful evening in the Entry, and I hope you've already got your tickets secured for her night, because this show sold-out a while ago.


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Dessa (Tuesday, December 6th, 7th St. Entry)

"As a show-goer, I like events that evoke a range of emotion; I wanna be entertained, moved, provoked, and persuaded in one go. So, for my evening at the 7th Street, I asked 3 totally disparate acts to join me on the bill. 

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Photo By Maia Baldauf
I, Colossus will open the show. They're a three-man operation with cool, weird vocal harmonies, catchy hooks, surprising song structures, and the occasional perfectly bratty synth line. I caught one of their sets at Honey (drinking whiskey at a table by myself) and creeped everyone else out with my drunken exclamations of approval. 

Whenever I've got the opportunity to pick the bill, Crescent Moon is in Big Trouble has a place on it. Alexei (Crescent Moon) is one of the best emcees in the Twin Cities, and every half-decent emcee who lives here will tell you so. He performs with Sean McPherson, Steve McPherson, Peter Leggett, and Josh Peterson--musicians who composed some really inspired compositions to back Alexei's raw magnetism on stage.

The featured guest of the night will be Hannibal Buress--and I'm feeling like a thug for landing this one. Hannibal is a writer and a comic; he's appeared on Letterman, Comedy Central and he now writes for 30 Rock (having left his position at SNL). 

I'll close out the evening, backed my trio (Sean McPherson, Dustin Kiel, and Joey Van Phillips) and joined by the crazy-talented Aby Wolf." -- Dessa

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