Doomtree Entry show announcement--Mike Mictlan's special guests on Monday

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Have you all recovered from the big news we dropped about Sims' opening acts yesterday? More importantly, did you make sure to get your tickets for the show? We continue our Doomtree Entry show reveal week with Mike Mictlan's stellar lineup for his show on December 5th. This should prove to be another special night in a week that will be absolutely owned by the entire Doomtree crew.


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Mike Mictlan (Monday, December 5th, 7th St. Entry)

I Self Devine

Toki Wright 

Kill The Vultures 

Spyder Baybie Rawdog + 2% Muck 

F. Stokes

ILL 3 - Franz Diego, Mavin MC, Freez

TUSS - Greg Grease, AK Libretto, IBE


Big Zack

Ice Rod

La Manchita


Audio Perm

Slapping Purses

+ very special guests

"This is my night, these are my friends, we all rap. I couldn't call this "my" night in "my" city without feeling like i meant it and this would not be "my" city if all my friends on this bill did not share it with me. So like our city, i'm sharing "my" stage and "my" night with MY comrades. Whom without they're would be no Mike Mictlan and no Doomtree. no kings." -- Mike Mictlan

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