Joni Mitchell turns 68 today, let's celebrate with some covers

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The incomparable Canadian songstress Joni Mitchell turns 68 today. And while her own stirring music certainly stands proudly on its own, some of the most famous recordings of her songs have been done by other musicians. The list of artists who have covered Mitchell's songs over the years is a long and curious one (Leonard Nimoy, Jim Nabors, and Robert Downey, Jr.), but there are indeed some great covers of Joni's songs to be found out there. And for her 68th birthday, we've collected a few of the best in celebration of her impressive, inspiring career. Happy birthday, Joni!

James Blake - "A Case Of You"

Cat Power - "Blue"

Annie Lennox - "Ladies Of The Canyon"

Tori Amos - "River"

Elvis Costello and Herbie Hancock - "Edith And The Kingpin"

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My favorite is a little-known (I think), controversial one -- Tim Curry's cover of Cold Blue Steel and Sweet Fire, from his 1979 Fearless album.  It is controversial because his take of it is, in part, as brutal as the message of the song, and many find that an unsettling contrast to Joni's sweetly-sung masterpiece.  I think Tim's take on the song is  brilliant; his harsh talking/singing suits the song, and takes it to a completely different place than the original.

Jim Testa
Jim Testa

Dave Van Ronk's "Urge For Going" is the best Joni Mitchell cover ever.

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