The Kitten Covers meme is really hitting its stride

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On the heels of the Album Tacos fad comes our favorite internet meme of late, the Kitten Covers, which probably doesn't need much explanation beyond KITTENS! ON THE INTERNET, OF ALL PLACES!

Unlike the taco meme, the operators of the Kitten Covers Tumblr manage to photoshop their subjects into the album artwork almost seamlessly, making it look like they've been there all the while and upping the adorable factor of classic album covers by about 110%.

To celebrate this glorious development, let's discuss some of today's music headlines using Kitten Cover subjects.

​Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band unveiled some of their plans for 2012: There is a new album in the works (their first without saxophonist Clarence Clemons, who passed away in June), and they are planning a world tour. No U.S. dates have been announced quite yet, but they've already penciled in a handful of shows in the U.K.

Have you seen this video of Joan Jett playing "Bad Reputation" with the Foo Fighters on Letterman? You should probably watch it now. Also, how did they get that little kitten to sneer?

​By all reports, Mary J. Blige gave the standout performance at last night's confusing/horrifying/numbing American Music Awards, where she paid tribute to her fallen friend Heavy D and sang a new song, "Mr. Wrong."

We couldn't care less about most of the recent celeb splits (one of the Kardashians and that dude from Minnesota, Demi and Ashton, etc.), but the news that Sonic Youth husband-and-wife team Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon have separated after 21 years just about did us in. Seriously. This kitten kind of dulls the pain a bit.

​Prince has stayed out of the headlines lately, but all of his '80s side projects are sure staying busy. This summer saw the resurgance of the Family (now fDeluxe) and the Time (now the Original 7ven), ​and this February the Revolution will regroup to perform at a benefit in First Avenue's Mainroom. Tickets just went on sale.

ou Reed is threatening that his confounding collaboration with Metallica, Lulu, might not be the last we hear from them as a unit: "No one wants 'Lulu Part 2,' but on Radio Lou, in my head where I hear these songs, I want more of it," he recently told Spinner.

There wasn't really any Velvet Underground news this week (unfortunately), but this one's just too good not to post.

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