Prof channels his inner Timberlake in "Need Your Love" video

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It's a good look
In the same vein as  Justin Timberlake's "Dick In A Box" video or pretty much anything from Andy Samberg's Lonely Island troupe, Prof released a video for "Need Your Love" this week and it sends a clear message: Don't judge him to be another cold-hearted rapper, he's a lover with a sense of humor. 

Flanked by two suave man-friends gyrating in front of a weird plane in their best chest-revealing linens, a glamorously coiffed Prof belts out the chorus like a champ (he neeeeeeeds you tooooniiiiiiiiight) -- and raps about his bedroom style with the ladies.

The whole package might not be what the "serious rap fan" is looking for, but damn if won't make you laugh. Props to Prof for going for the funny bone and not just regurgitating the same self-bolstering, boring images of hip-hop regalia (although we could have done without the awkward lollipop). We love the scene when the ice-cream fight with his girl loses its sex appeal. 

Watch the full vid and download Prof's impressive full-length debut, King Gampo, below.


  FREE DOWNLOAD: Prof's King Gampo album

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Ryan Hughes
Ryan Hughes

Love the video. Love the new CD. Prof is the real deal spread the word.


Prof isn't one style. He's everything. Which makes him the best. There's no stopping this man. Ever.


I think is video is just what people need right now! It's easy to relate to but makes you laugh and just realize to live life with a not so serious point of view. At least that's what I got outta it. Mad love Prof keep doing you!

Chaz Danger
Chaz Danger

This video is digging deep into what Prof can do. But in no way corners him into doing the same kind of music.

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