TC Electropunk Vol. 6 out this week

There's something to be said for a scene that is as easily identifiable as it is unified. Over the past seven years the self-described Twin Cities electropunk scene has done an impeccable job of branding itself to outsiders via a series of free compilations.

In this year's liner notes for TC Electropunk, Vol. 6, Death by Karaoke's Emil Hyde shines some light on what, exactly, fuels this very specific genre of music: "It's simply what happens when you take a generation of bored teens and twentysomethings -- raised on hardcore punk, British techno, Nintendo, and Doritos -- and place cheap digital recording technology within their grasp."

And while the scene is small -- they've featured 53 bands over six compilations, many with repeat appearances -- its DIY spirit courses through the tracks of this year's disc and serves as an apt "state of the union" of the current electropunk community.

Download (right click): TC Electropunk, Vol. 6

Many of the bands on this year's disc will be at Club Underground this Saturday, December 3, for the compilation's release show. All attendees will receive a free physical copy of the disc; check the flyer below for all the details. Previous compilations are available for free download on the TC Electropunk website.


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