Best Music Writing 2011 anthology includes honorable mention for piece by Dessa

Categories: Gimme Noise
The latest edition of De Capo's annual Best Music Writing anthology just dropped, and in addition to the 32 essays published in this year's book they have published an extensive list of honorable mentions. One of those mentions, in particular, caught our attention: the essay "Dessa Reflects on Her Artistic Journey" by Dessa Darling, which was published as a City Pages cover story on August 18, 2010. The piece was simply titled "Dessa on Dessa" in print.

(Full disclosure: In addition to recruiting Dessa to write the piece for City Pages, I also edited it. Consider this more of a memo to help get the word out about her accomplishment.)

Village Voice's music blog published an almost-comprehensive list of this year's Best New Music honorable mentions today, with links to all of the pieces available online, and it's a pretty reliable and relevant list of compelling music articles and essays published in 2010. Block off an afternoon to make your way through the honorable mentions list, and order your copy of Best New Music 2011 here.

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