Doomtree coloring contest: The winner

At last weekend's Doomtree Blowout, we gave fans the chance to score an extra prize and profess their love for the group by participating in a back-to-the-schoolyard-style coloring contest. Yes, a coloring contest -- as in one using crayons, markers, and even some lipstick, with a design centered around the crew's longstanding logo of a set of wings and teeth.

We had five entries that stood out to us, so we put it up to a vote earlier this week. And after collecting votes from 360 of our readers, we were left with one nearly unanimous winner:

​Congrats to Dusty! He will receive a special Blowout 7 prize package from Doomtree. Here is a larger photo of him with his impressive entry:


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You are misled mary. I'm sorry you have such a closed minded opinion about people you don't even know.

Mary Anderson
Mary Anderson

dumb... but fitting, when you consider the IQ level of your average minneapolis hip-hop fan.

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