Doomtree get awkwardly festive for this year's Winter Guide

Ho ho ho, Merry No Kingsmas! 

Doomtree are dominating the dialog of the Twin Cities this week as they tear through seven back-to-back nights at the 7th St. Entry and First Avenue Mainroom. In honor of their historical residency and the strength of their latest full-crew album, No Kings, we opened up the pages of our print edition to the crew this week and let them take over our entire Winter Guide issue.

For only the second time in City Pages' history, we are printing and distributing two separate covers of the paper this week -- one depicting Doomtree as the fine, upstanding citizens that they are, overflowing with holiday cheer (Dessa looks especially excited) in this "awkward family" style portrait:


And one where they blow off a little holiday steam and let it all hang out:

Naturally, you can pick up the prim and proper version in St. Paul, while the down and dirty Doomtree portrait will be distributed in Minneapolis. This map gives a general overview of where each issue will end up:



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