Gary Burger of the Monks planning rare live appearance

It's not often these days that Gary Burger's name pops up on a show calendar. In recent years, he's better known as the mayor of small northern Minnesota town Turtle River than he is the frontman of influential '60s garage rock band the Monks. But the Monks legacy lives on, thanks to a 2009 reissue of their seminal album, Black Monk Time, and a book written by one of Burger's only surviving bandmates, Eddie Shaw. 

These days, Burger also keeps busy working in his recording studio in Turtle River.

When we last spoke to Burger, he hinted that he had invited some Twin Cities musicians up to his studio to record and that he was working on a solo album. "I play Monk-type stuff," he said. "I play country, I play folk. But I'm mostly interested in rock and roll. Rock and roll is my love."

Twin Cities fans will have a rare chance to hear some of Burger's solo material (and, if we're lucky, a Monks song or two) at the 331 Club next month. On Friday, January 6, he'll appear as the guest at KFAI host Jackson Buck's series Freewheelin' First Friday along with the Conquerors and the Floorshakers.

For more on the Monks' fascinating history and Burger's thoughts on his old band, check out our interview from 2009.

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Keith Patterson
Keith Patterson

As far as I know Monks organist Larry Clark Spangler is still alive and well. Unless I missed something.....

Reed Fischer
Reed Fischer

Nope, you've got it right. Thanks for posting.

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