Quietdrive release a new album for their holiday show

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The Twin Cities are a breeding ground for indie rock. So how does pop-punk band Quietdrive fit into the music scene? It turns out quite well, by carving their own niche. With a band name derived from the ingrained work ethic that lies within each band member, the group is constantly working -- be it onstage, in the studio, or finding a way to connect with their fanbase.

Gimme Noise spoke with Kevin Truckenmiller, Will Caesar, and Justin Bonhiver of Quietdrive before their holiday show at the Varsity.

Releasing their new album Your Record, Our Spin in conjunction with their fifth annual holiday show was no easy task. Kevin shares, "We had just gotten done with our record last year that was also released around Christmas time, and we had this idea of doing this fan-funded record because I had seen Kickstarter and what it has done for bands around the area. I wanted to do a little spin on it where the fans chose what songs were going to be on the record."

Your Record, Our Spin
is an album comprised entirely of cover songs voted on by fans who donated to the Kickstarter fund. "We had been in the studio for three months flat; our producer's pretty sick of us," Will adds. "It's a cool concept because it ties back to when we started to become a name -- we got big off of our success covering Cyndi Lauper's 'Time After Time.' We thought of our fans and said, 'Well, you really liked that cover, so why don't you vote for all of these other covers that we could possibly do?'"

Africa by Quietdrive

The task of coming up with the original direction for the pieces fell to Kevin, a talented arranger in the ways that he thinks about the music. "For certain songs. we were stuck and we went as far away as possible from the original. What started out as a joke on 'Sister Christian' by Night Ranger, built into a very cool rendition. We added more and more things and it turned out to be a different spin on what you wouldn't expect," Will says, adding, "I had a friend ask when we first started this, 'What if you get a song that you guys don't really dig?' The real beauty is that we can change it -- it's our spin, so we can change it into something we like."

Having your big hit be a cover song may be a tough pill to swallow for many artists, but once again, the band gives it their own spin. "With that album, the record label presented a few different options to us, and we had to make a decision. It sounded like we didn't have a say in the decision. It was like, 'Do this, or we can't tell you what's going to happen.' We knew the consequences either way, and it was going to positive for us," says Kevin. Will concludes, "Who knows what could have happened? Bloggers always bash us saying, 'Oh, you guys are a famous cover band.' You're always going to have haters, and you can't please everyone. That song, as much as people can say that about us, also got us to places where we might have never been had we not used it."


Success is defined differently by everyone and also perceived differently depending on who you speak to. Kevin defines success as "getting up everyday and loving what you do, even if it's making stickers. If you get up and say, 'This is going to be fun. Let's do our thing,' then you are successful." Justin sums it up by saying, "To me it would be still making music when I have gray hair." 

Will says, "For something like this, there is no such thing as a casual musician. If you really want to make it, if you have the drive and the push, you'll be successful. I think a lot of bands start out saying, 'We want to get signed by a record label, we want to make music videos, we want to do this and that.' Yeah, it's really cool, but you need to recognize that and you need to work your ass off. That works in any situation that you're in...even if it's making stickers."

Quietdrive will release Your Record, Our Spin at the Varsity Theater on Wednesday, December 28, with Paradise Fears, American Scarecrows and the Usual Things. AA, $15 adv, $17 door, 5 pm.   

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