Year in Music: More of Minnesota's best 2011 releases

​Our annual Year in Music issue is online now, and hits stands tomorrow.

As we were narrowing down the volumes of albums released this year for our Best Minnesota Albums of 2011 list, I couldn't help but be a little astounded at just how many high-quality releases were issued this year. And these are albums from across the board, too -- hip-hop had an especially strong showing this year, but so did rock 'n' roll and its many offshoots, from folk-pop to punk to more experimental, electro-heavy rock, showing just how diverse our scene was over the past 12 months.

So once you've absorbed our list of the 14 best local albums of the year, take a gander at the list below and see some of the other excellent albums that we've enjoyed. It's our biggest list of runners-up yet.

Atmosphere, The Family Sign
Banner Pilot, Heart Beats Pacific
Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo, Fables of the Cloth
CLAPS, Wreck
Communist Daughter, Something Wicked This Way Comes EP
Dan Israel, Crosstown Traveler
Daymoths, Back in Time
Dead Man Winter, Bright Lights
Elite Gymnastics, Ruin 1 and Ruin 2 EPs
Ghost in the Water, Shooting Stars and Battle Scars
Gramma's Boyfriend, The Human Eye
Halloween, Alaska, All Night Long the Calls Came In
High on Stress, Living is a Dying Art
Humanda, Chateau Mammal/Eagle Island Double EP
Joey Ryan and the Inks, Dennis Lane
Kevin Steinman, Pre-Existing Condition
Kid Dakota, Listen to the Crows as They Take Flight
M.anifest, Immigrant Chronicles: Coming to America
Mary Louise Knutson, In the Bubble
Mason Jennings, Minnesota
Mayda, Tusks in Furs
Mint Condition, 7...
Night Moves, Colored Emotions
No Bird Sing, Theft of the Commons
Oriel, Repetition for a Motion
Pennyroyal, Sad Face/Glad Face
Peter Wolf Crier's, Garden Of Arms
Skoal Kodiak, Kryptonym Bodliak
Spyder Baybie Raw Dog and 2% Muck, Bang the World
The Cloak Ox, Prisen EP
The Jayhawks, Mockingbird Time
Thomas Kivi, Crying Child
Toussaint Morrison and Dr. Wylie, Makin' Mistakes & Feelin' Great
Usonia, Usonia
Various Artists, Audio Perm Block Party Compilation
Various Artists, Minnesota Beatle Project, Vol. 3
Various Artists, Minnesota Remembers Vic Chesnutt
Villa Rosa, Blue Diamond Island
Wize Guyz, '85

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Really? Atmosphere? How surprising.

Mpls Music .com
Mpls Music .com

" showing just how diverse our scene was over the past 12 months." -- as editorial context, do you mean you don't think the scene is diverse? - past present tense.. - If you really mean what you say, and this is important here, you would have instinctively said how diverse our scene IS, .. if by your own perception were open to it. By using past present tense you might sound you assume it's not diverse, instead you should use present tense and acknowledge it IS diverse, unless of course you don't acknowledge it actually is diverse. -m ...

Mpls Music .com
Mpls Music .com

you forgot Chiefs of the North, Ghost Towns of the West, Little Man, Rockford Mules, and well. pretty much everyone else we play on our 100% local radio stream.

once again CP goes the same old hip hop they've always been covering. you can say all you want, but as far as this year, Rock kicked hip hops ass.


Yay Oriel! Very under-rated & an awesome album.


I would also add Buffalo Moon's 'Selva Surreal.'


I think it's an oversight not to include Blue Sky Blackout's 'John Hughes' in this list. 


That is just fine with me!


so sad, but true. they pick the faves, get in bed with them, and nobody else gets any exposure. how bout them DoomShrubs? i heard that odessa can really 'rock the mic'. depressing.

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