Brother Ali drops new track, "Sweet (Potato Pie)," over Common's beats

Brother Ali sure is keeping busy until his new record, Mourning In America And Dreaming In Color, comes out later this year. The feisty MC gets a bit jocular on this new track, "Sweet (Potato Pie)," dropping in over the top of Common's booming instrumental, "Sweet," with some culinary-themed rhymes. It's a bit lighter in nature than his recent "Writer's Block" track, but his dynamic wordplay is still in full effect. If Brother Ali keeps putting out spirited, boisterous tracks like this in the meantime, it surely will hasten the arrival of his highly-anticipated new full-length.

Give a listen and snag a free download of  "Sweet (Potato Pie)" below. 


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matthew keig [keg]
matthew keig [keg]

I can tell anyone interested that combining Ali's flow and lyricism with JakeOne's incredible tracks is be amzazing.  I am a backup singer on the album so I've heard some of the song's during the session.  It sounded great.


Brother Ali >>>>>>> Common

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