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As we briefly alluded to yesterday, the venerable First Avenue Mainroom is getting a bit of a makeover, as renovations are currently underway to not only increase sight lines but also allow for more room to freely move around the main floor. The stairway leading directly up to the bathrooms has been knocked out, as has the small bar located at the bottom of the stairs, leaving a much more accessible, open area as well as improved sight lines to the stage from many different vantage points throughout the main floor. Without question, the club will have changed quite a bit next time you head downtown for a show.

One of the best benefits of the renovation is that you won't have to frustratingly watch a show through the railings of the stairs anymore (having your view blocked whenever there is a backup leading upstairs), and a proposed raised level towards the back should allow fans to see the stage much better.

There are also plans in place to have a permanent merch area back against the south wall of the club. While the changes won't result in much of an increase to the capacity of the club, it certainly will give fans on the floor quite a bit more room to freely move around as they enjoy the show.

Whether or not patrons ever get the long-rumored main floor restrooms or other added conveniences remains to be seen, but First Avenue has long been dedicated to improving the concert-going experience for all fans, and this is just another example of that longstanding commitment.

Here's a video featuring First Avenue's Marketing Coordinator Machen Davis walking you through a bit of the renovation process and giving you some idea about what other changes are in store for the club in the future.

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Ding Dong Dung
Ding Dong Dung

I recall when the club just had the staircase built along the entrance areas.  No stairs off the floor.  There were killer sight lines then, and the north wall, where there are now 2 bars, used to be a area to sit on three ascending rows of carpeted benches.  That was cool, and putting the stairs in has hurt the sight lines considerably.  


Sloping the floor so that anyone under 6 feet tall can actually see the stage from the floor is probably the best thing they could do for the majority of patrons.  Who's dumb enough to plant themselves behind stairs?


I know it's a good thing for the venue, and I'm happy the stairs are going away, but the place is already super crowded. Is "more capacity" something we should be excited about?

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