Mitt Romney's dubstep anthem has arrived

"Willard Mitt Romney Song": for Florida's many glowstick-waving voters.
Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has a new song dedicated to him with a message he probably won't approve. "Willard Mitt Romney Song" by Minneapolis electro-hop act the Sicko Pervs arrived over the weekend -- just as the former Massachusetts governor heads into a heated Republican primary election this week in Florida. This is a markedly better soundbite-chop than Dubnasty's "Newt Gingrich Sucks the Iowa Caucus Remix," but it seems that this political-sparring dubstep subgenre inspires some of the most uninspiring song-titling around.

We'll deal with the title, though. Hearing the celebrated "Corporations are people, my friend" line integrated into the Sicko Pervs mainframe -- yes, their most-recent album is titled Give Me a Blow Job -- is worth at least 1:53 of your time this morning. Wait 'til Fox & Friends get a hold of this one!

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David Foureyes
David Foureyes

Wow. Like a Negativland track...only, you know, horrible.


it's like.. 90's electronicaor SOMETHING

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