Oneohtrix Point Never crafts musical ode to Ricky Rubio

Rubio Small.jpg
It seems like Ricky Rubio is not only rapidly capturing the attention of fans of the NBA, but also the affections of musicians as well. While the Spanish point guard tries to eventually work his way into the Timberwolves starting line-up (as well as the hearts of Minnesota basketball fans who have been yearning for excitement), the experimental musician Oneohtrix Point Never has delivered an ode to the young ball handling virtuoso, simply titled "Rubio." It's a slick, ethereal track, much like the smooth play which Rubio has exhibited on the court so far during his emerging rookie season.

Rubio demo by Oneohtrix Point Never

And the attention Rubio is getting clearly doesn't stop there. In addition to setting Twitter on fire with praise coming from hoops fans everywhere, Ricky has even made it on the radar of Lil Wayne, who eventually gets around to giving props to Rubio halfway through his meandering NBA recap on Weezy's Sports Corner, calling the young guard, "Awesome, awesome, awesome."

WEEZY's SPORTS CORNER 1/08/12 NBA 2 OF 8 from DERICK G on Vimeo.

Whether or not Rubio's distinct flair and deft passing will lead the Timberwolves to added victories and an eventual playoff birth remains to be seen, but at least the Wolves are exciting again, giving Minnesota hoops fans something to cheer about during the long winter months.  

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