Poliça's Mariah Carey connection revealed

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Polica's in-studio performance featuring an interview with the Current's Mark Wheat recently hit NPR, not MPR, but the national one. With an impressive number of camera angles, we get a look at "Wandering Star" and "The Maker" that's not unlike any number of professionally created music videos involving studio time. With singer Channy Leaneagh employing her trademark Auto-tune, and Chris Bierden, Drew Christopherson and Ben Ivascu filling in the gaps, this is what those who didn't snag a ticket to the group's performance at the Current's birthday bash on Saturday will be missing. Will it get approval from Jay-Z? That remains to be seen. One aspect of the interview that might interest Mr. Carter: Leaneagh's fascination with a wealth of pop-oriented R&B singers, and no mentions of Portishead.

"I graduated into being a fanatic about R&B when I was in high school," she says. "I had a Columbia House subscription. I must've had a crapload of Mariah Carey, Mary J. Blige, Aaliyah, Tweet... I had a huge collection, and I sang along to all that stuff. Sade. I love that style of singing." Yeah, Tweet! And yeah, it'd be refreshing to hear a revamp of "Oops (Oh My)" mixed into the set this weekend.

Give You the Ghost's February 14 release is almost upon us, and here's the entire performance/interview with Leaneagh undoubtedly feeling emotions via NPR.

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hell of an article. Reed.  i learned SO MUCH from reading this.  

2 people have a trademark on autotune:  CHER AND T-PAIN.  nobody else.  

and. it's not really HER trademark if it's a machine creating the sound. it's more like Antares' trademark.  with a girl talking through it.    

Some Dude
Some Dude

Wow, their singer trademarked AutoTune? Complicated.

Nother Other Dood
Nother Other Dood

So that's where their money's coming from. Gotta cash that big check from 2008.

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