Queen Latifah poster from 1991 unearthed at First Avenue

Categories: Rap/Hip Hop
It would probably be a music buff's dream to rummage through dusty boxes and old files at First Avenue. Imagine the stuff you might find! Today during construction at the club to move the stairs and create more sightlines, a gig poster was unearthed in the rubble.

Marketing coordinator Machen Davis tweeted about finding Queen Latifah poster from 1991, sending all the crate diggers and old-school hip-hop lovers into a blissful state of RT'ing about the artifact.

"Soo good," Davis tweeted. "Openers ended up being T.C. Ellis & Sadiq. Get lost a few hours browsing over here."

The poster, as it were, is just about the same age as the club's youngest "legal" patron: 21 years.


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Jen Boyles
Jen Boyles

It's going to be a separate post. This one is about the gig poster.


You buried the lead!  They're moving one of the staircases to improve the sightlines?  I assume it's the one on the north side of the room.

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