2012 Twin Cities Hip-Hop Awards winners & some suggestions for next year

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If you haven't heard by now, the Twin Cities Hip-Hop Awards recently celebrated its sixth year. What started out as a simple MySpace poll back in 2007 had turned into a semi-respectable affair -- often selling out venues filled with local heads connecting and having a good time -- but times have changed.

Last year's award gala ended with fighting on stage, and the crackle of Tasers got in the way this year. Not many things in this scene last five years, and back-to-back years of embarrassing behavior might close the book on this one. Especially when this drama overshadows who actually wins each year. So if you haven't seen the tally of 2012 TC Hip-Hop Award recipients, here it is:
Mod Sun, two time TCHHA 2012 winner.

Best Knowledge Spitta: The Lioness
Best Band: More Than Lights
Best Hustler: SICK
Song Of The Year: Atmosphere ft Prof, Felipe & Mr Gene Pool - "Minnesota Nice"
Best Video: Absent ft Gene Poole - Money Can't Buy Time
Mixtape/Compilation Of The Year: Rocky Diamonds - The Diamond Life
Album Of The Year: Prof - King Gampo
Best Female R&B: Auburn
Best Promotion Team: Black n White Ent
Best Producer: Mike The Martyr
STP Mayor: I.l.l.i.c.i.t
MPLS Mayor: Big Wiz 
Best Solo Act: Mod Sun
Best Kept Secret: Cashinova 
Next Up: ThatGuySoda
Most Slept On: Kidd Magiic
Best MC: Toki Wright
Best Group: Dope Sic 
Best Label: Rymesayers 
Best Crew: OBF Troopz 
Best Male R&B: TRILLA 
Best Live Show: Mod Sun
Best Female MC: B Dot Croc
Best DJ: DJ Enferno
Best Documentarian: 13Twentythree
Best Radio Show: Tite @ Nite
The Come Up Award: ChevyBoy 

What has always been fun about this show is the range found in these 25 categories. Along with "Best Band" and "Best Record" is "Best Knowledge Spitta," handed out to the person who most uplifts the community with lyrics and show. Facebook and message board beefs usually spark up days after the award show, but it's all in good fun. Or is it? We've packed our Taser and extra security as we give our opinion on a few questionable categories, nominees and winners of 2012. 

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