Bonnaroo 2012 lineup: Radiohead, Beach Boys, Bon Iver, but no Prince

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No one should be particularly shocked that the 2012 Bonnaroo lineup circulating yesterday that we thought was fake turned out to be... fake.

Today, however, the real deal emerges. And, aside from the notable absence of Prince (and Corrosion of Conformity), the thing is still remarkably similar to what the pranksters wanted us to believe. The headliners for the annual camping-oriented festival -- held June 7-10 in Manchester, Tennessee -- include Radiohead, Phish, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and the recently reunited Beach Boys. Check out the entire lineup, including some locals, below.

Our local bluegrass fusionists Trampled by Turtles made the lineup, and two bands that might as well be from Minnesota, Bon Iver and Dawes, are scheduled to perform. Skrillex will also be there. Here's the rest of the names, via the Bonnaroo site:

Tickets for the fest will go on sale Saturday starting at $234.50, and rising the longer you drag your heels.

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Zach Pasdoe
Zach Pasdoe

Who cares about Bonnaroo.  I want to see the lineup for the new Harriet Island music festival (June 23 & 24) that is suppose to attract 40,000+.  Getting Radiohead to headline the St. Paul festival would be a step in the right direction.


Aside from Radiohead and Beach Boys, pass.

Travis J. Lee
Travis J. Lee

Won't happen, but would be awesome. Any new info on that? I'm running around to see radiohead twice, but maybe i could swing this, too!

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