Madonna releases "Girl Gone Wild," adds second St. Paul show

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Joe Francis probably has mixed feelings about all this.
Madonna was so impressed with the response the Twin Cities has shown for her first date in the area in 25 years that she's added a second show. Now, the plan is to spend Friday Saturday, November 3 (sold out!) and Saturday Sunday, November 4 at Xcel Energy Center, and there are a new batch of tickets going on sale soon.

Earlier this month, the pop superstar announced on the heels of her Super Bowl performance that she'd be performing this November at Xcel Energy Center as part of her massive U.S. tour in support of MDNA. Up until today, the only song from the collection we'd heard was the Nicki Minaj and M.I.A.-assisted "Give Me All Your Luvin'." Now, with "Girl Gone Wild," Madge has a song to herself that seems right back in the fold of her dance music obsession of the past decade. Surely, Tanqueray will be happy for the shout out.

Here's the pulsating new track with some lyric guides and a few publicity stills if you decide to sing along. Remember back when Britney Spears was trying to sound like Madonna, and then when Madonna seemed to be mimicking her in turn? And then it got swapped back-and-forth like an open-mouthed kiss? In any case, here you have a song that could fit very easily on a recent Spears album, but will thrive here too.

P.S. Here's betting that "Girl Gone Wild" titling will be an SEO magnet.

Madonna World Tour 2012:

3-Nov St. Paul, MN Xcel Energy Center  SOLD OUT

4-Nov St. Paul, MN Xcel Energy Center On sale Monday, March 5. Click here.

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She performs well and people are looking for her new album and getting it at any cost.

Discounted Madonna Tickets
Discounted Madonna Tickets

Girl gone wild was a fantastic one by Madonna and now she is going to rock with MDNA all over the world.


Header should read; Madonna, hides arms at all cost to dignity


hope radio plays it - gonna need girls/women to request this though.....most radio stations reject the guys requesting Madonna. So all you "girls gone wild", please request to your radio station!

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