MaLLy, Sean Anonymous & more own Best Love is Free video

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Here's MaLLy spreading love.
While many are scanning Etsy or Telaflora for the perfect gift for Valentine's Day, the Twin Cities hip-hop community is working on breath control and verbal acumen. You see, Saturday's Best Love is Free event is steadily approaching, and it's fixing to be a classy evening that should prove to be has heavy on the lyrics as it is on the love. Just recently, a video with performers from the event -- and those who appeared on its yearly compilation -- emerged. Need a reminder of the ridiculous range of our area emcees? Marvel as Sean Anonymous, MaLLy, Toki Wright, Carnage on beatboxing, and many more show their devotion.

Directed by Adam J Dunn, the multi-angle clip gathers the considerable beatmaking gifts of Carnage and FM Beatbox's Slowkid, and the diverse local stylings of Sean Anonymous, Phillip Morris, Wize Guyz, Culture Cry Wolf's Botzy, Lizzo, Ceewhy, St. Paul Slim, MaLLy, and Toki Wright.

The Best Love is Free. 18+, $10-$12, 8 p.m. Saturday, February 11 at the Fine Line Music Cafe, Free CD with entry. Click here.

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That Lizzo chick was dope! Some good stuff in here. The beat got kind of whack during ceewhy and st paul slim's so it sounded like it was hard to flow to that. 

Uhhhh, hey guys!
Uhhhh, hey guys!

Oh boy! 10 minutes of talking over a repetitive beatbox! 

Seriously, this stuff all sounds the same. Not sure how or why people subject themselves to this voluntarily. A sad portrait of the ADD and apathetic "good enough" mediocrity-embracing attitude of people these days. Depressing.


Sounds like the only thing depressed is you, for not being involved. 


Could not agree more - I really wish that there was more positivity around the great things that people are working on in this city.  I have nothing but LOVE for the video and the larger event that the video is supporting.  I guess it is really easy to sit back and just hammer on other people's work.  The Best Love is Free is a unique and very creative idea.  The fact that they have pulled together a very diverse line-up and have released 4 promotional videos all highlighting local is just amazing.  MPLS we are better than this. There isn't room for this crap...lets be better as a city and a community.  If you don't have anything nice to say...just don't say anything. 

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