Prince & the Revolution reunite -- on video

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Prince performing "When U Were Mine" in 1983.
Nostalgia for Prince and the Revolution is running over the brim for many in the Twin Cities at the moment. Sunday evening's Benefit 2 Celebrate Life marked the reunion of his Purple Excellence's backing band at First Avenue and the renewed health of drummer Bobby Z, but reports of the elusive frontman joining them onstage never got past the rumor phase.

Whether you agree with our reviewer and think Sunday's show was just ok, or if the event was an elixir of reminiscence to be relived forever, you'll want to hop on YouTube today to catch an outpouring of vintage clips featuring Prince and his band in peak form that have popped up during the past week.

The clips are coming from an account that tweaks one of Prince's old pseudo-pseudonyms, JamieStarrRevolution, and the YouTube profile puts its user at the same age as our star, 53 years old. Not sure where this is all coming from, and how long they'll last (a couple already have the audio disabled), but let's enjoy.

Here, we see that Prince could get nasty behind the kit -- somewhere near the 10-minute mark -- and there's just so much loose-limbed frolicking on the stage over the course of "It's Gonna Be a Beautiful Night," circa. 1987.

Can the man rock some sexy pushups amidst more twirls than Kristi Yamaguchi? Indeed, in parachute pants, no less, for a 1981 performance of "Dirty Mind."

Finally, here's a 13-minute version of "Purple Rain" from a 1983 show at First Avenue. Goosebumps.

All the rest -- 22 videos in all, but could be growing -- are right here.

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pizza - cause he was that good. he's a legend and major influence to so many artists.  makes sense why CP would cover him. don't be ignorant


why all the hype about this guy still? he hasn't been relevant, or good to his fanbase for like 2 decades. i heard he has money problems too. he's a musical talent, but stop the worship already. he's done.


Now Prince will get these videos removed and that channel suspended. Thanks!


pizza you're such a twat

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