Retribution Gospel Choir releases free EP (DOWNLOAD)

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Retribution Gospel Choir, the more-strummy side project of Low's Alan Sparhawk, has released a new EP. Titled The Revolution -- not a Prince thing -- the four tracks gather some great vintage rock replete with cowbell, sassy guitar licks, and some full-on shredding. And it occurs all in the span of just under ten minutes.

The cover art, meanwhile, is reminiscent of great big sunburst logos of the 1970s utilized by other three-word bands who like acronyms like Bachman Turner Overdrive, Electric Light Orchestra, and so forth. See below.

"Crank up the bass, and gimme some treble/ I wanna feel it now," Sparhawk sings on the opening track. And that's about how things stay from that point on.

Obtaining the EP will only cost you an e-mail address. Make it one that you actually can check, though.

Retribution Gospel Choir will perform with Caroline Smith & the Good Night Sleeps at First Avenue on April 7. Click here.

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