Sh*t Doomtree fans say -- so sick/crazy

"Profile photo."
Thomas "@iheartmpls" Stinchfield has tapped into the nearly dessicated reservoir of ideas for a "Shit ______ Say" meme eating away at our brains and bandwidth. His inspiration: fans of the Twin Cities' hip-hop collective Doomtree.

And he even sprung for a fitted cap and the bandanna to complete his role. As you might imagine, there's a heaping amount of short-attention-span repetition having to do with the extremely young fanbase, the quality of Sims' solo material, and the genetic gifts bestowed upon one Dessa Darling. Every never is NOW?


Incidentally, Mr. Stinchfield could probably also looked at our comments during the past few months for a delectable collection of what type of shit Doomtree haters say, but we suspect that some fresh commentary will be provided soon enough below.

[via LOL/OMG]

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