Wiping Out Thousands tease new song "More Than Five Million"

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Wiping Out Thousands has brought a new brand of beats to the Twin Cities. The electro-pop duo of Alaine Dickman and Taylor Nelson have an arsenal of danceable material on the recently released and plaudit-garnering Reaction Machine EP. But that wasn't enough.

Eager to build off the momentum of a touted performance opening for YACHT a couple of weeks ago, and some attention bubbling up, WOT is back with what is dubbed "the opening track to our next record," titled "More Than Five Million." It continues down a grimy, dark industrial subway tunnel with Dickman's voice to light the way. 

This stuff is moody enough for the goths, bangs enough for kids raised on UNKLE, and supplies enough hooky elements that the remix patrol should be able to have fun with this material. Will Wiping Out Thousands eventually be witnessed by thousands? 

Here's the Reaction Machine EP:

Wiping Out Thousands opens for Lower Dens on Sunday, March 11 at Triple Rock Social Club. Click here.

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Holy God this stuff came out of left field. Loving it! Is there anyone else in the cities doing this kind of stuff?

Joey Hudson
Joey Hudson

More like, "Will Wiping Out Thousands eventually be witnessed by More Than Five Million?"


Whoa! This is great. Can't wait to see them open for Lower Dens next week!

Reed Fischer
Reed Fischer

Haha. That crossed my mind too. Baby steps.

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