Fire at Cadette drummer's house takes friend's life; benefit tonight at Turf Club

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Pitch in to help Cadette's drummer Beth Cullen.
Beth Cullen, drummer for fierce all-female rock act Cadette, lost a friend and many possessions in a fire at her home in south Minneapolis Wednesday morning. Cullen was home at the time of the blaze. An as-yet-unnamed man was killed, and another woman was hospitalized and was listed in critical condition.

Update (5/10/12):
A benefit show is tonight at Turf Club. Details below.

The band, which released the Flesh Without Hunting cassette earlier this month, has set up a Paypal account to help fund the rebuilding process.

According to Star Tribune, the man who died in the fire was a local fixture:
Friends said the man as an activist involved with union organizing and political causes. "Politically he was an anarchist and a member of [Industrial Workers of the World]," said Erik Forman. "He was a very, very principled person."
This is the message posted on the Cadette Facebook page:
Beth's house was destroyed by fire this morning. She lost a friend and much of her belongings. We set up a paypal fund to help her and her roommates rebuild. Please give anything you can- . Thank you everyone ♥


Tonight, the Turf Club hosts a benefit for the residents of 3500 Harriet featuring performances by Cadette, Oaks, Musk Assault, and Regal Treats. Tickets cost $6. More info at Empty's Tapes.

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