Dream Crusher leads Concert to Defeat the Marriage Amendment lineup

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A stellar group of local musicians have put together a show at Hell's Kitchen on March 30 to help raise money and awareness for Minnesotans United For All Families, a wide-ranging alliance of community and business leaders throughout the state who are working to defeat an amendment on the ballot November 6 banning same-sex marriages in Minnesota.

The Concert to Defeat the Marriage Amendment lineup features Dream Crusher, the Bruce Springsteen cover band Tramps Like Us (comprised of members of Gospel Gossip), the Pinsch (a new group featuring members of Short Fuses, Divebomb Honey, and the Deaf), and Teenage Moods, with 100 percent of the proceeds from the $8 door charge going directly to the Minnesotans United coalition to further their significant cause.

The show promises a strong collection of local bands who are certainly doing their part to make sure their unified voices are heard loud and clear. And this will surely will be one of many events scheduled throughout the Twin Cities music scene to help rally support and understanding about what is truly at stake on Election Day. Hopefully, the open-minded music and arts community throughout the state rises up as one to help defeat this truly prejudicial, detrimental amendment.

If anything, you should go just to check out how exactly the sprawling Dream Crusher collective are going to try and fit on the small Hell's Kitchen stage, and to sing along loudly to the boisterous songs of Springsteen with Tramps Like Us (who seem to be contractually bound to play "Born To Run" given their band name, right?).

It should prove to be a exhilarating, enlightening evening filled with spirited music, both new and old, and all for a good cause as well. For more information on the bands, the concert, and the cause, here's a link to the event's Facebook page.

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Cream Toucher
Cream Toucher

How about... Concert to support these local alcoholic drug addict musicians? That's what it really should be called. This scene in Mpls has taken a sad turn. True art will prevail. 


Yeah... I'm sure all these musicians know one fucking thing about being married or monogamous. 

Drug Flutie
Drug Flutie

Good idea but we don't need help with drugs or alcohol. People give us that for free. Now if somebody wants to throw a show to pay for our gambling addictions that's another story. #putitallonred

Tasty Scandinavian Hypocrisy
Tasty Scandinavian Hypocrisy

I approve of your willingness to exclude those who don't "know" about being married or monogamous from the debate.  Does that mean those who "know" but willingly violate said "sacred" bonds on the pro-amendment side of the debate are excluded from participating in the process as well?  Because a whole lot of of silence would ensue from those leading the charge.

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