Foghorn Stringband and Cactus Blossoms play Dakota tonight

Question: What could possibly be more country than country chart-toppers Lady Antebellum, Thompson Square and Darius Rucker playing the Target Center Saturday night?

Answer: (Laughter from offstage.)

Serious Answer: Minneapolis' biggest jazz venue, tonight.

That's right - tonight the esteemed Dakota Jazz Club takes one of its blessedly frequent forays into country and Americana music by playing host to Minneapolis' Cactus Blossoms, and Portland's Foghorn Stringband, with a 7:00 show ($8).

We've written plenty here about Cactus Blossoms, who most recently kicked off a weekly Monday night residency at St. Paul's Turf Club, but for the uninitiated, a primer on Foghorn Stringband:

  • They are an Americana revivalist outfit, read: "Old-timey."

  • They inspire audiences to dance like Appalachian mountain folk.

  • Did we say "Old-timey?" See also: Punk. But not steam punk. Just hard-edged.

Want more info? Here's a brief documentary segment featuring the group, and backed by their sounds:

Lively, no? Here's another listen:

And here's to hoping the Dakota encourages buck dancing. We imagine folks won't be able to resist.

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Jeremy Meshershit
Jeremy Meshershit

Seriously,  I am tired of the word revival and old timey to describe this kind of music it's never gone away people just carry the traditions on. 

Music lover
Music lover

God I hate the city pages.  If it isn't some trendy ass 90 pound band they they can be so snarky.  

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