11 little-known Transmission facts on its 11th anniversary

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Photo by Dave Eckblad
Jake Rudh at 2011's 10-year anniversary of Transmission.
DJ Jake Rudh's new wave dance party Transmission is a Minneapolis institution -- and now a radio show! This Friday, the celebratory nature of the night gets an extra boost as the festivities shift to First Avenue's Mainroom for the 11th anniversary of the weekly dose of retro cool.

What we know for sure: Every song of the night will be accompanied by music videos, and a portion of the show will be dedicated to Twin Cities new wave kings the Suburbs. Plus, the Suburbs' Chan Poling will be on hand for a DJ set.

However, there's plenty of unknown fodder lurking in the history of the night. Here are 11 facts that few people know about Transmission.

11. Before the night was called Transmission, its original name was Sound & Vision after the Bowie/Eno track.

10. There are ten couples who have gotten married after meeting at Transmission.

9. Lots of bands traveling through town come to hang out unbeknownst to clubgoers. Interpol, Elbow, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Hot Hot Heat, the Big Pink, and many others have stopped by through the years.

8. The last 20 to 30 minutes of every Transmission is called "Anything Goes," and literally any song from any genre might get played.

7. Jake Rudh's original DJ name was "The Chauffeur" (after the last track on Duran Duran's Rio) . He was never comfortable using a "DJ name" so he went back to using his real name early on.

6. Minneapolis mayor R.T. Rybak stepped behind the deck when the smoking ban first was instituted and played A Flock of Seagulls' "I Ran."

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