11 little-known Transmission facts on its 11th anniversary

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5. There was once a mods vs. rockers scuffle years ago. It was all quite silly, but Rudh did need to lay off his '60s playlist for awhile after.

4. The first venue he DJ'd at is no longer around (Jitters, downtown Minneapolis).

3. Rudh DJ'd every Wednesday night for the past 11 years except for when he's fallen ill, been on a vacation, "or the night my wife was involved in the 35-W bridge collapse."

2. Transmission hosts one theme night a month (the same each month every year)
January - David Bowie,
February - Synthesizers,
March - "Damn Right, it's a Hall & Oates Night,
April - Depeche Mode,
May - New Order/Joy Division,
June - Talking Heads,
July - Anything Goes (generally top 40, hip hop & mainstream club hits from the 80's, 90's & early 00's),
August - John Hughes,
September - The Cure,
October - Goth/Darkwave (the Wed before Halloween),
November - Smiths/Morrissey,
December - "A New Wave Holiday"

1. The song played most during the 11-year history of Transmission is:

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