LMFAO can count Timberwolf Darko Milicic as a casual fan

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Spoiler alert.
The Minnesota Timberwolves really want to portray themselves as a multi-dimensional bunch, especially when it comes to their music consumption. This was already applied when a good portion of the team agreed to be filmed listening to the 'N Sync hit "Tearin' Up My Heart" last month.

Now, this concept digs deeper with the not-at-all PBS-sponsored Darko Listens to Pop Music starring the Timberwolves big man Darko Milicic wearing headphones and dishing out opinions. This particular offering includes "Party Rock Anthem" "as composed by LMFAO."

This gag seems to borrow a bit from from the highfalutin niceties of Masterpiece Theatre, but Darko's got nothing on Cookie Monster, as far as we're concerned.

Will this mean that Milicic will make it to the installment of the Sorry For Party Rocking Tour featuring LMFAO at Target Center on May 25? Unless the Wolves reach the NBA Finals, his schedule should be free by then.

Thanks to Stuff About Minneapolis.

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Asymmetrical Bob
Asymmetrical Bob

That's a pretty funny video. Kudos to whoever put it together.

And "Party Rock Anthem" could be called dumb, lazy, annoying, etc., but I have to agree with Darko that it's not bad.

Party Rock is in the HOUSE to-NIGHT!!

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