Odd Future pop-up sweatshop hits Minneapolis Tuesday

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Mobilize! If it wasn't enough to get to see Tyler, the Creator, Hodgy Beats, Domo Genesis, and the rest of the Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All at First Avenue Tuesday evening, there's ample swag opportunities for those of us without day jobs.

Tyler just posted on his Twitter and the Los Angeles hip-hop collective's Tumblr, "Minneapolis Sweatshop And Show!!!!! Ayye, Lake Minatoncka Or Whatever" and the flyer you see at the right of the page. Perhaps the Purple Rain fans among us will give him a spelling lesson before forking over for a hoodie.

When to show up?
All right, then.

According to the flyer, this pop-up store will be at 4 East Franklin Ave., which is to be at the corner of Nicollet Avenue in Stevens Square.

For more, read Mark Brenden's interview in this week's issue: "Odd Future's Domo Genesis on hip hop's ambiguity."

Odd Future perform on Tuesday, March 13, at First Avenue; 612.332.1775.

Updated: Odd Future filmed a short documentary of their time in Minneapolis. It includes footage from the pop-up shop with the guys singing along to Cyndi Lauper's "Time After Time" and Gary Numan's "Car," and some action from the First Avenue stage.

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Brown Dee6
Brown Dee6

Why did I justt hear about this shit ?? Smh. I want a damn odd future sweatshirt, but don't wanna get it from zummiez.


im going to answer all your questionsthe store is open till the end of marchthe first day it closed at 7 but its open 11-6 every other day.no one cares if your first there's only 4 comments...

flog gnaw faggot


How many days is the store open for?!


what time does the store close the first day?? 


Since you're mocking typos in this article, a quick reminder about the use of semicolons with lists that contain commas seems appropriate, no?


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