The 4onthefloor releases "Mumford & Sons Crap"

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Nice T-shirt, dude.
After submitting to an interview (with a now-passionate comments field) regarding Howler frontman Jordan Gatesmith's comments about them, the 4onthefloor is back today with a song named after his description of the band. "Mock Duck/Mumford & Sons Crap" is set to the tune of the far-more-famous British folk-rock act's ubiquitous "The Cave."

Here, we find Gabriel Douglas and five pals playing the song, which is like a recipe for M&S acoustic bliss to some ears -- and like shards of glass to others. Amusement.

Lyrically, this comes off more like a Prairie Home Companion sketch than anything the band would seriously play live. "We will sing so loud/ and make Minneapolis proud/ and sing in harmony/ but that's not so punk, you see/ so we call it mock duck."

It ends with a map of the world, and a red line that extends the distance from London to Minneapolis. Surely this is just a reference to where Mumford & Sons hails compared to where the 4onthefloor currently resides.

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You guys missed the point. Mock Duck is the sissy indie version of beef. 


Derps gon derp.


Dumb. Not a Howler fan, but dude was right about these gimmick artists.


I came up with the term mock duck while heavily under the influence of hanging out with phantom tails outside Hell's Kitchen at the musician appreciation night. We were talking about how rappers have beef with each other but bands are too sissy to actually have beef with each other. We wanted to get a bunch of bands to start mock duck with each other, and then this happened, and it's kinda awesome. Thanks for putting it into a song, Gabe. 

MP Ellis
MP Ellis

I'm sure when they can get an ad agency to do their videos for them, they probably will be alright with it.

and when they decide what faux accent they want to use, it'll be even more gimmicky for you! Until then, this is funny and spot on about how too seriously a hyped-in-the-UK local band whines and whoa-is-me.

The video almost made me unsick of the over-saturation of Mumford & Sons in my life..

no wait, still sick.

but still funny.

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