Total Fucking Blood laying total fucking waste to Turf Club at CD release show

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After finishing up a brief tour in support of local buzz band Poliça and Marijuana Deathsquads (which surely must have exhausted omnipresent drummer Ben Ivascu), Total Fucking Blood return home just in time for their highly anticipated record release show at the Turf Club tonight. The explosive local trio/quartet's fierce sophomore record, Real Demons, only builds on the raw intensity of their incendiary debut, Blaze The Lord. The group brings even more heavy hellfire into the fray this time, which is sure to resonate loudly with the fervent hardcore and metal fans here in the Twin Cities.

Marijuana Deathsquads will also be bringing the ruckus in support of TFB for their record release show, along with experimental beatmaker extraordinaire, Slapping Purses Thunderbolt Pagoda. It surely has the makings for one wild night in St. Paul, filled with disparate, boundary-pushing music of all types. And, as an added incentive to their dedicated fans, the first 48 people who buy Real Demons from the merch table at the show get a free tallboy for their patronage. Because nothing really does go better with thrash music than cheap beer.

Real Demons (download here) features plenty of the blistering, minute-long or less songs which peppered Total Fucking Blood's debut, but the real jewel of the new record is the nearly 14-minute long title-track, a crushing, volatile behemoth that finds the band pushing their own sonic boundaries (you can hear them encouraging each other to "go for it" as the song builds in intensity), while blowing out the ears (and speakers) of anyone who dares to listen to the combustible track.

As good as the songs were that preceded "Real Demons" on the album, they all just seem to be a rousing set-up to what is the stormy centerpiece of not only this record, but TFB's entire musical output so far. This song must truly be a beast to hear live, and one can only hope that it's on the setlist tonight (how can they not play the title-track at the record release show?), or else their fans might start throwing some tallboys around until they get to hear it.

Here's the band playing an early, truncated version of "Real Demons" in the alley behind Nick And Eddie in 2010. It still sounds boss, even without the extra 10 minutes of mayhem.

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