Bon Iver's Justin Vernon and Astronautalis form band, record album

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Is this filed under one of Ryan Olson's Gayngs or something separate?

Astronautalis: It's definitely totally separate. The thing Ryan enjoys the most is working with other people. Ryan is an incredible inspiration machine. He brings really interesting stuff out of people. The Gayngs record is the ultimate example of that, and the Marijuana Deathsquads record, as well. It's always going to have Ryan's fingerprints on it.

Have you discussed what to call this project?

Yeah, but we're going to keep it under wraps for now.
Does Ryan Olson smoke during his smoke breaks?
Is this a supergroup?

I think you should reserve supergroup qualifications for it until you decide if it's super or not. I think it's a band, a pretty cool band.

How long will it take before anybody hears the material?

I don't think it's going to be as long as you think. Ryan's goal is for it to be made faster than the Polica record, and that was made in just a few weeks. All of us are hell-bent on getting it out really quickly, and hopefully to find the time to play some shows for it as well. I think you'll hear it sooner than you think, and I kinda just wanna leave it at that. It's such a far stretch for a lot of us musically. I think everyone should abandon their expectations of what it's going to be, because it's probably going to be very far off.

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