Quietdrive on writing Up or Down and growing up

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Minneapolis band Quietdrive have just released their latest album, Up or Down, which chronicles the everyday life struggles the band went through while writing and recording the record.

Gimme Noise sat down and spoke with guitarist Will Caesar and lead singer Kevin Truckenmiller a few weeks ago, just prior to their River's Edge billing announcement this summer at Harriet Island.

On a rare lovely day that we've had in this roulette of a spring, Kevin admits that, "It's tough to lock yourself in the studio, but I have been there everyday working. The record's pretty much ready to roll, but I have to do some finishing touches and go back to Nashville [to work with producer Jordan Schmidt] this week to finalize everything." The band had written most of Up or Down by July and August of 2011, but took time to launch a Kickstarter campaign for a covers album that they released this past December. Will adds, "We are working right up until the last minute because we feel like things can always be better. When you have worked on a project for this long, it's tough to let it go and just put it out. You're never satisfied."

With a new album comes reinvention. Truckenmiller says when approached about the sound, "I think this record includes a lot more slower tempo songs. I think it's obviously matured a bit, at the same time it has a more adult contemporary feel to it versus a couple of songs that take risks. 'Avalanche,' which is my favorite, has a bit of a John Mayer vibe to it, but it still has a true Quietdrive chorus. We took some chances, but we also dredged the past a little." For Will it was like their two records before where they cut their teeth on a new mature sound. "On this album, there was growth, but we did a little bit more stretching than we necessarily wouldn't have years ago."

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