Record Store Day 2012 across Minneapolis

Categories: Gimme Noise
Photo by Natalie Gallagher

"We're hoping to snag the Flaming Lips, Uncle Tupelo, David Bowie... Janis Joplin, and... I have a list... We're also looking for the Misfits, Clash, the Black Keys, and GG Allin. We got up at four in the morning, brought our 14-year-old-son, got here at 4:30. We came prepared!"

Photo by Natalie Gallagher

Dude #1: "I'm interested in one of the Phish albums... I'd like to get the one that comes with the limited edition poster, if I don't get that one I'm cool with it."

Dude #2: "The one thing I'm looking for is the Rainbow 'Long Live Rock 'n' Roll' picture disc.... And a copy of the David Bowie 7-inch picture disc."

"We got here sometime around 4:45."

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