Record Store Day 2012 across Minneapolis

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Our last stop of the day was Hymie's, where we caught up with Jenny Koschiek of local sister-fronted folk-rock band The Ericksons, who played a midday set at the Hymie's RSD fiesta. She gave us a report on some of the festivities.

Photo by Erik Hess

"I feel really good about the performance, for sure. The room sounded good, everyone was just listening and intent on the show. The sound was awesome and it just felt great," says Koschiek, smiling. "I saw the Annandale Cardinals were incredible, they need to play more shows... The rain was a bummer, but people were packed in the store, and anytime people were playing they were packed in that back room. Big props to Dave and Laura who own it, they put on a really awesome day."

And her perspective as a local artist, being part of RSD?

"I think Record Store Day is incredible because record stores can use it to support local musicians and impact the community and the music scene in their area," says Koschiek thoughtfully. "The great thing about Hymie's is that they support musicians that they like and think are good regardless of what press they've gotten or what buzz is surrounding them or not surrounding them. They support the bands they believe in, so I think they do a really good thing with it. I think people need to start buying records again, and if this day can kind of get people out and actually buying music, then that's a good thing."

You can keep up with the Ericksons on their website.

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