Ten silliest Coachella dance GIFs

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Rebecca Haithcoat
By Rebecca Haithcoat

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During Coachella's second weekend, temperatures topped 100 degrees every day. Yet somehow folks were dancing even crazy-er! Most just stripped down and let the sweat flow. Here are the ten funkiest, silliest Coachella dancers we saw, in GIF form! They inspired us to get down our own self.
10. Freak Yo Friend Shade was at a premium this weekend. If your friend offered to stand behind you, and the only price was that she got to freak your head, well, that was a bargain.

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I know I look awkward as hell when at a show but that's not what it's about. Dancing is about feeling the music and letting it take over your body, channelling though you into some form of visual energy.


Ravers, festies, people who go to connect with the music and the other like-minded fans understand that and embrace it.


It isn't a damn Hollywood beauty contest.


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