Bobby Hatfield celebrates Twin-e-Twin-Twin mixtape release

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Everyone has his or her own style and calling. Some people like Nike, others wear Adidas, some people love Polo; others can't live without a vintage truck stop tee. It's the same in rap. You got your political heads, the gangsta heads and sex callers, the self-depreciated hipsters and then you have the ones that just want to smoke one big fat blunt and buck out. Bobby Hatfield, and most of his camp, fits the last category.

Tonight, Bobby Hatfield and DJ Francisco celebrate the release one of the most smoked out mix albums to hit the Twin Cities in some time.
You would think rolling papers were included. The Twin-e-Twin-Twin Mixtape, the name inspired by the movie Friday celebrates an ode to the green leaf and blends in features of the areas most rooted and up and coming rappers. Everyone from Muja Messiah to Toki Wright to PROF spits lines on this appreciated list. Hatfield makes appearances on most the tracks and holds his own. 

 You might remember Bobby Hatfield from the early days running around with the Unknown Prophets and their label N.E. Time Entertainment. For three years Bobby Hat toured, recorded and promoted along side his fellow Northeasters only to stop in 2003 as a mutual agreement within the camp. He soon found a home at SP Style, one of the most underrated and long lasting labels in town. Known for their exceptional hustle, Bobby fits right at home. The natural salesman hustles everything from music to Twins baseball tickets. His grind mode never has a day off. He even hustles in his spare time training for triathlons and sprinting out ground balls to third. If you need one thing in today's rap industry, is hustle... and maybe a niche. 

That niche is smoking the finest herbs and laughing along to one of the best comedies ever in Friday and rapped up and mixed by Francisco to make the ultimate local summer party compilation this season. If you are paranoid about smoking by yourself, why don't you step out Friday night and join the circle, you don't have to be Big Worm to enjoy this fun lineup from Bobby Hatfield, Mike The Martyr, and META. It's sure to be one huge party. Don't forget the chili cheese Fritos and milk, but if you run out of milk...use water. It won't hurt. 


 Bobby Hatfield - Twin-e-Twin-Twin Mixtape and Mike The Martyr - Grand Marye Mixtapes both being released on Friday May 4th. Both mixtapes free with entry before midnight.

Dj Kush Picasso will be spinning a Kanye West Set, and Dj Francisco will be holding it down on the 1's and 2's as well until 2 a.m. Performances by Bobby Hatfield & Special Guests. Also sets by Mike The Martyr, and META with specail guests. Nomad World Pub. Doors 9 p.m. 21+ $8 at the door.

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what is a "self-depreciated hipster"

do they not have editors at city pages or what


should of had a black girl in the photo instead of a white girl but nice story


It's good to know that despite how "different" our hip-hop scence is from the mainstream, there's still always room for some casual misogyny and cartoonishly-inflated overcompensating masculinity. The image of a pasty, balding, be-spectacled and headband-ed white man limply resting his hand on the skinny and over-tanned ass of a female sex prop is priceless. It's hard to look hard when your photo bitch is taller than you, but bless you for trying. 

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