Saxophonist Colin Stetson performs free at the Walker tonight


Bon Iver's Sean Carey on Hoyas and why he didn't get a Grammy

The Walker Art Center has been on fire with amazing music this year and it ain't all just about Rock the Garden. In fact for those who know it's just as "in" to be "out" the Walker has consistently showcased fantastic experimental and traditional players of a variety of pedigrees, last weekend's once in a lifetime colossus of Chicago's Tortoise with the Mpls Jazz All-Stars being the most recent unforgettable example.

This Thursday, the Walker will be hosting the ubiquitous bass saxophone player, Colin Stetson as part of their gallery Sound Horizon series. Best of all, it's literally free.

Known primarily as that guy who carries around a saxophone almost twice his size in Bon Iver and the Arcade Fire among many other collaborators, Stetson has carved an expansive body of work with performances around the world and two volumes and counting of solo releases, New History Warfare Volumes 1 and 2 on Constellation Records out of Montreal, Colin's home base.

Forging a path of his own with the atypical instrument, Stetson has effectively characterized his own style using the jazz impulse of free improvisation, dirging drone technique that can often sound medieval as much as enhancing the overall sound with more popular artist's such as Justin Vernon who proudly calls him "One of our greatest living saxophone players."

Colin Stetson will be unraveling his sheets of sound for all those present at the Walker Art Center's Perlman Gallery Thursday, May 10 for 3 sets starting at 6pm and again at 7 and 8pm. Free.


Bon Iver's Sean Carey on Hoyas and why he didn't get a Grammy

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