Lee "Scratch" Perry playing the Cedar Wednesday

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So far the spring has been a bit of a buzzkill for reggae in the Twin Cities. Both the Mighty Diamonds who were set to play the Cedar Cultural Center in March and the Meditations that same week were to perform in the Seventh Street Entry but had their gigs cancelled. Word was in each case it had something to do with customs.

Whatever the case, ska, reggae, rock steady, dub and dancehall fans finally have a grandiose day to look forward to. Once again the heaven's above have split to allow our favorite alien, Lee "Scratch" Perry to descend upon Minneapolis for a punky reggae party this week at the Cedar Cultural Center and it couldn't have come soon enough.

The original Upsetter and lifetime producer, performer, songwriter, originator and pioneer of reggae and Jamaican music Perry has worked with everyone from Bob Marley, the Beastie Boys to TV on the Radio. At a ripe 76 Perry is once again traversing the universe bringing his brand of classic style of live dub with the help of NYC ensemble, Subatomic Sound System who will no doubt inject a bit of futurism to Scratch's already other wordly verses. For a man who's endless catalog of music and spontaneous approach never ceases to captivate an audience this is one you don't want to miss.

Lee "Scratch" Perry, Subatomic Sound System and DJ Verb X perform tomorrow night at the Cedar Cultural Center. 7:30pm. All Ages welcome. Tickets available here.

Lee Perry at Black Ark Studio

Africa's Blood

"I am the Collie Man"

"Chase Them"

"Super Ape in Good Shape"

"Disco Devil"

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"Customs"? Hmm...

Jordan Porter
Jordan Porter

If you think this spring has been a buzzkill for reggae in the Twin Cities, well, you're just super lazy. There have been some amazing shows in the past few months! The Toasters at the Triple Rock in February, the Pinstripes in March, not to mention the super set on Sunday from the Aggrolites at the Cabooze. If you're feeling so starved for the reggae, try actually looking out for it -- reggae is hot and alive here in Minneapolis! 


Acts seem to come through, now if we could get some reggae/dub on a system with some proper low end, we'd be in business! Cedar, bless their hearts.. a little lean on the <80Hz

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